3 layers damping technology

VibraTack is manufactured from Nano Nitrile Silicon Rubber with the function to obtain and disperse the remaining vibrating power in sound system, to vanish within its own, that is different from rubber pedestals.

VibraTack is manufactured from 3 layers damping technology to support the vibrating power, which is lower than 20 Hertz and higher than 100 Kilohertz to contain in a molecule of quantum that is scatter inside the Nitrile Silicon, the latest technology of damping system

How to use the VibraTack

VibraTack can set up from inside and outside of the stereo. Because it is not a supporting material but for the remaining vibrating power, for example; Turntable, CD Players, Preamplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Sockets and Plugs. Not only alarm is sent through all these devices but also still have the oscillation frequency, too.

Increasing the ability of listening to music on your devices

The users in Canada test by trying to put the expensive signal cable out of the stereo and then use the typical cable or attaching cable instead, the vibratack still remain in CD players. It shows the incredible result that it resembles as playing through all Hi-End accessories. Also means it will improve your listening in a best way if you already have high quality accessories.

Nano Surfacing
Audio Grade

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